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Our Story

At Radishnow, we have one simple purpose: to end bad eating experiences.

Loads of kisses from the team here at #Radishnow! 💋 Stay tuned for our dish reviews at _ellacantalo

We are building a community of users who share feedback on individual dishes when dining out so that other users know what the top dishes are at any given restaurant before ordering.

We found ourselves asking questions such as "What should we order at this restaurant" and "I wonder what other diners thought of this dish on the menu." We wanted real feedback from previous diners and we wanted to give feedback ourselves that matters to chefs.

Radishnow solves this.

Collective knowledge from the community also enables us to build technology for chefs and restaurant owners to access better information and turn it into more effective decision making.

Our Features


Discover the top dishes around you


Check out best dishes on a restaurant's menu


Give constructive feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

I love to eat out and discover new restaurants, why should I use Radishnow?

With Radishnow, you are able to instantly see the top dishes in restaurants near you as rated by other diners. Restaurant pages show you details about the place, including ratings from Google reviews and Zomato. If you are already in a restaurant, you will find a ranking of the top dishes there. You can see these reviews alongside pictures of the food on the menu, making the food-ordering process simpler. You can save money by not ordering low-rated dishes and get better value for money on high-rated dishes.

I am a food blogger, why should I use Radishnow?

We admire your dedication and are grateful for your contribution to the eating scene. It goes without saying that we would love to have you as part of the Radishnow community. Having your feedback on the platform means we can easily process it and produce useful insights for restauranteurs. With Radishnow, you are also discovering a new community of honest eaters, restaurant-goers and chefs that are seeking feedback. We would love a collaboration. Please reach out at!

I am a chef/restaurant owner. Why should I use Radishnow?

Firstly, thank you for feeding us! :D Our ambition is to arm you with tools you can leverage to make informed decisions and in turn improve your customer satisfaction and revenues. In the long run, Radishnow will help reduce waste significantly, and enable you to easily reach out to your loyal customer base. We are also particularly passionate about helping lovely neighbourhood eateries take advantage of the technological disruption that has drastically changed your competitor landscape. We would love to hear from you. Please reach out at!

How often are there updates to the App — and how will I learn about them?

Please subscribe below for the latest updates and previews to new releases! Thank you!

I love the idea and would like to get involved, what should I do?

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. It is easy to be part of the Radishnow community. Download the app here, get in touch using the form below or simply email us at We can't wait to hear from you!

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